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AutoCAD 2018 (32bit – 1 File & 64bit- 2 files) with Offline help


AutoCAD 32 bit                    AutoCAD 64 bit – Part 1                     AutoCAD 64 bit – Part 2

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AutoCAD 2017 Course

AutoCAD Course Content:

AutoCAD 2D

  • Understand AutoCAD-2D Interface & Workspace.
  • Basic Operations.
  • Drawing & Drafting Tools.
  • Editing Tools.
  • Precision Tools.
  • Using Layers.
  • Annotations.
  • Blocks.
  • Plot and Publish.

AutoCAD 3D

  • Understand AutoCAD-3D Interface & Workspace.
  • 3D-Modeling.
  • Creating Models from 2D Profiles.
  • Creating Composite Solids
  • Adding Detail to Your Solid Models.
  • Editing Solid Models.

Course Duration: 6 Days
Prerequisites: Known Fundamental of Mechanical Drawing
Place: Will be in one of Partener Training Center

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