SolidWorks CSWP Course



  • Simple orders (Line โ€“ circle โ€“ Rectangle โ€“ Straight Slot, ete…).
  • Advanced Order (Trim entities โ€“ Convert entities โ€“ Pattern, ete…).
  • Sketched on Faces.
  • Smart Dimensions, Relations.
  • 3D-Features:
  • Extruded Boss/Base and Extruded Cut Boss/Base.
  • Revolved Boss/Base and Extruded Cut Boss/Base.
  • Swept Boss/Base and Extruded Cut Boss/Base.
  • Lofted Boss/Base and Extruded Cut Boss/Base.
  • Hole Wizard โ€“ Thread โ€“ Advanced Hole.
  • Modification on 3D-Features:
  • 3D Fillet and 3D Chamfer.
  • 3D Patterns.
  • Rib โ€“ Draft โ€“ Mirror โ€“ shell โ€“ eteโ€ฆ
  • References Geometry and Curves.


  • Insert parts Ways.
  • Standard Mates (Coincident โ€“ Parallel, eteโ€ฆ).
  • Advanced Mates (Width โ€“ Path Mate, eteโ€ฆ).
  • Mechanical Mates (Gears โ€“ Cam, eteโ€ฆ).
  • Toolbox
  • Smart Fasteners
  • Collusion Detections โ€“ Interferences Detections.
  • Sensors โ€“ Assign Materials โ€“ Mass Properties.
  • Rigid and flexible Assembly.
  • Explode View

Advanced Modeling

  • Using Global Variables.
  • Configurations and Design Tables.
  • Assembly and Features Errors.

Drawing Tools

  • Drawing Sheet Setting
  • Standard Sizes โ€“ Scale – Create Templets.
  • View Layout
  • Basic View Creation
  • Section Views
  • Auxiliary Views
  • Alternate Position Views
  • Break View
  • Broken-out Section
  • Crop view
  • Smart Dimensions
  • Importing Model Items
  • Create notes
  • Balloons
  • Symbols
  • Hole Callout
  • Center Mark
  • Centerlines
  • Create Tables (General – BOM โ€“ Holes).
  • Linked notes
  • Drawing View Properties.
  • Show and Hide Components.
  • View Focus when creating 2D geometry.

Course Duration: 8 Days
Prerequisites: Known Fundamental of Mechanical Drawing
Place: Will be in one of Partener Training Center
For moreย detials, Weย will contact with you after Registeration.

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