Autodesk Inventor Essential Training

Inventor User Interface

  • Ribbon Interface
  • Template Setup (Standard – Unit systems)

Project File

  • Create a New Project
  • Setup Project File Contents
  • Dealing with existing Projects

Part Modeling

  • Create a New Part File
  • Create Parameters and Equations
  • 2D-Sketches Features
  • Sketches Constrains – Dimensions
  • Sketches Patterns and Editing
  • 3D-Model Features (Extrude – Revolve – Sweep –Β  ….)
  • Advanced 3D-Model Features (Coil – Thread – Direct Editing – ….)
  • Work Feature (Axis – Point – Plane)
  • 3D Pattern (Rectangular – Circular – Sketch Pattern – Mirror)

Assembly Modeling

  • Assembly File Interface
  • Placing Parts
  • Placing Content Center files
  • Placing Non-Native Part like (SolidWorks) Files into Assembly File
  • Using Assembly Constrains and Joints
  • Driving constrains to Simulate Parts Movements
  • Replacing Files Techniques

Advanced Assembly Parts

  • Bolted Connections – Design Shafts and Stress Graphs
  • Design Calculators for (Power Transmissions – Bearing – Belts – Springs)

Drawing layout

  • Create Views – Section View – Retrieve Dimensions From parts
  • Create Tables -Annotations – Balloons – Hole Notes – Parts List

Course Duration: 8 Days
Prerequisites: Known Fundamental of Mechanical Drawing
Place: Will be in one of Partener Training Center
For moreΒ detials, WeΒ will contact with you after Registeration.

Register From Here


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