Autodesk Inventor Advanced Course


  • Sketch Using Relax Mode


  • Lines in 3D Space
  • Helical Curve
  • Bend – Automatic Bend
  • Intersection Curve
  • Silhouette Curve
  • Project to Surface & Curve on Face

Advanced Part

  • Create Multibody Part
  • Create iPart
  • Emboss text and Profiles

Advanced Assembly

  • Create a level of detail
  • Create a part in context of an assembly
  • Describe and use Shrinkwarp
  • Create a Positional Representation
  • Create components using the Design Accelerator commands
  • Modify a bill of materials
  • Use the frame generator commands


  • Patch
  • Sculpt Surfaces
  • Trim Surfaces
  • Ruled Surface
  • Replace Faces

Sheet Metal

  • Create and edit Sheet Metal Style
  • Create face
  • Sheet Metal Flange
  • Contour Flange
  • Contour Roll
  • Hem
  • Lofted Flange
  • Sheet Metal Bend
  • Fold – Unfold
  • Corner steam
  • Sheet Metal Rip
  • Create a flat pattern
  • Export DXF for Machining


  • Create weldment file
  • Specify weldment Material and standard
  • Create Weldment Preparations
  • Fillet weld – Groove Weld – Cosmetic weld

Advanced Drawing

  • Edit Section View
  • Modify style in Drawing
  • Edit Hole table

Presentation File

  • Create Animation Video

Course Duration: 6 Days
Prerequisites: Known Fundamental of Mechanical Drawing
Place: Will be in one of Partener Training Center
For more detials, We will contact with you after Registeration.

Register From Here


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